Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making progress

I've been making progress on my bathroom redo, but I'm not all the way done yet. School starts the end of next week and I plan on finishing it up once the big kids are gone all day.....paint tends to dry a little nicer without the youngn's touching it all day. So far I've managed to scrape the popcorn ceiling and paint it (what a mess, but soooo worth it. I could just look at that smooth, clean white ceiling all day). I mentioned before that there was a LOT of wall repair to do so that took up the bulk of my time, especially re-doing the tape and mud in one corner. It seemed to take FOREVER to dry. I thought I'd share what I've accomplished so far.
The before shot, actually from last year after we had to cut a hole in the wall to repair the plumbing in our other bathroom (pretty white patch on the far wall). Oddly enough, there just isn't much call for taking pictures in your bathroom so this is all I've got.
Here's the far. There's still plenty more to do. I painted the walls as well as the large shelf that is over the toilet. It was here when we moved in and I absolutely don't know where I would put everything if I didn't have it. So thankful for it. It took about 4 coats of paint to get it looking nice. I used a latex enamel so it took a bit longer to dry than normal latex paint. 24 hours between coats...uugh! EVENTUALLY that ugly counter top will be replaced with a nice piece of granite. You know, when I accidentally come across an extra couple hundred dollars :)
We replaced the slab mirror for a nice framed one I found cheap at HomeGoods and we replaced the loverly hollywood lights with this oil rubbed bronze one from Lowes. I LOVE it!
By far my most favorite part is the new shower curtain I found at Target. It makes me smile just to walk into the bathroom and look at that. I ♥ it!
Still yet to do:
  • paint the cabinet
  • install the new floor tile (shown above)
  • paint the baseboards white.
  • Order the bronze sink faucet and have it my sweetie.
  • Put something on the walls
Should I paint the sink cabinet a dark chocolate brown or white like the shelf?? I can't decide. PLEASE tell me what you think!! I already have the new oil rubbed bronze hardware and I'm going to spray paint the hinges....I just don't know what color to do the cabinet. I also need to get something interesting on the wall. I was thinking about a framed chalkboard over by the sink so we could write a scripture or whatever on it. I spend a lot of time standing there while I get ready so I thought it would be good place to put something like that. Dorky?? For the wall over the towel rack I will either do a monogram or some canvas like this.
Ad Image_FW09_embellishments
I picked some up at a garage sale last year to do something with so this just might be it. Notice the design is almost like the design on my shower curtain. If you like this you can go to my other website for more into. I'll update once I'm done with everything. What do ya think so far?? Go on over to Kimba's DIY day or Transformation Thursday to see more projects.


  1. Love the black & white with blue accents. So classic.

  2. (clicked over from ASPTL's DIY Day) Your bathroom makeover is coming along nicely!! It's amazing how much difference the white paint on the shelves/cabinet over the toilet made :). Love that new mirror, too.

    Cabinet color -- I'd do some sample boards of the color options and lay those against the flooring you want and see which works best. The flooring you'll be putting in is darker than what you already have, so dark shower curtain + darker flooring + dark cabinets might be too dark . . . or it might be perfect ;-). Getting sample sizes of the paint colors and doing a couple sample boards is something we did when we decided to paint our kitchen cabinets, and it was very much worth the effort.

  3. So great!! Love the shower curtain. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ooooh, looking fabulous!!
    I love that shower curtain, too!


  5. Great Job! I heart that shower curtain!

  6. Your bathroom is coming out very nicely. Like that nice big shelf
    and much better painted the white.
    I think you should paint your cabinet white as well, Cause you already had the Brown shower curtain, mirror, and your light and faucet will be brown too, so you don't want to overdo a good thing. I am redoing my bathroom as well, and I already have dark
    cabinets, and will be using bronze mirrors, but it will be on
    a robin's egg blue wall, and I will have white beadboard on the lower wall. Think white is also
    good if the bathroom is smaller cause it will make it look a bit
    larger. That would be my advice.
    Your shower curtain is just beautiful too. Good work!!
    Can't wait to see the rest of it.
    We are coming to the close on part
    of ours. We are tiling our sunken
    shower, but this project has been going on for 9 mos., once we finish the tiling, I will start on
    the dressing room area, gotta take
    down wallpaper, Ugh!!
    Well, Have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. This is looking great! Good for you!! That tile is going to look wonderful on the floor--what a big difference that will make.

    If I were you, I'd paint the vanity the same as your wall shelf. Your shower curtain is so bold--I'd let it be the dark, bold color attraction in the room. Of course, it's just paint, so you could always change things up!

    Great job. Thanks for sharing your progress!

  8. You're doing a great job so far...keep up the good work! LOVE your shower curtain! I agree that I would paint the vanity the same as your wall shelf. Looking forward to seeing it all done!

    Have a wonderful day :)
    (Treasure the Moment)

  9. Looks great! I love, love, love that shower curtain!

  10. I love it. I will have to check out HomeGoods, I'm looking for a mirror just like it for my bathroom. I would paint your vanity white. I just painted mine brown(you can read the drama on my blog.)

  11. It's looking great! I did some stenciled canvases on my blog back in July I think, if you look through the archives you might find it and they would be perfect in your bathroom.

    Thanks for linking up with me today!

  12. What an improvement!

    I made my own expensive looking Pottery Barn inspired typography basket~come see.

  13. That really looks lovely! I recently re-did my master bed and bath in blue and brown, love that color combo.

  14. this looks great! thanks for sharing. i think the dark looks so classy and would look great on your cabinet, too.


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