Thursday, February 24, 2011

To Do

Some things for me to do…..someday

To bake {and eat}:

slicedneapcakelightbright1-731x1024 My daughter loves neopolitan ice cream so I think she would probably {love} this cake by Sweetapolita.


These Orange Poppy Seed muffins from Make it Do look delicious. This might be on the to do list for tonight.

To Sew:

IMG_8184_thumb[1]These fabric bins could certainly be useful around here….and cute! You can find the tutorial at The Sometimes Crafter.

house 015 copyI would love to have one or two of these casserole carriers. I make desserts for church every Wednesday night and I always do it at the last minute so they are HOT. Two of these carriers would be super handy. The tutorial is at 2 Little Hooligans.  

To create:

big_girl_room_redo_1I may never actually accomplish this, but I think this memo board is just so cute and unique it makes me smile. If I ever find a random crib spring I will definitely know what to do with it.  The tutorial on how to make it is over at Pure + Lovely.   

To think about:

tv-e1296449469847It was about 9 years into our marriage before we made the splurge to have cable TV. I still think it’s a bit ridiculous to pay so much for things I/we mostly have no interest in. We have our favorite shows, but we generally DVR them to watch when it’s more convenient and we can fast forward through the commercials. It’s almost painful to sit through commercials anymore. Simple Mom had a great post on ways to watch your favorite shows without paying the cable bill. Lots of great ideas to think about.

5321628106_5797584e59_bDoes anyone else start thinking about things they want to change in their lives and just get overwhelmed with the sheer number of things on the list? I do. So then I do nothing. Effective? Not so much. This is why I love
Annalea Hart’s One Little Change. It’s all about changing one little thing at a time to make a big difference. I want to do this. I’ll be back to talk about this more, but for now I am contemplating what my First Little Change will be.

What is on your to do list?



  1. I love all of these things. Such fun things to have on your to do list. Currently my "to do" list seem to have to do with a big party I am putting on next week. Otherwise I have lots on my "to do wish list" fun. loving all of this.

  2. thanks for giving my casserole carrier some love! cute blog:)

  3. oooh, i am excited to hear what your first little change will be. thanks for linking up!


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