Thursday, October 27, 2011


Let me introduce myself…..
My name is Alisa

Blog Slacker Extraordinaire

So much has happened since we last talked,

but I suppose it is a little late to to talk about our summer plans at this point

seeing as it is now FALL 

like I said……S.l.a.c.k.e.r

Well, if there is anything that would make me want to put actual thoughts into a post and hit publish, it would be this beauty {and the wonderful lady behind the camera}. 
Emily from Life in the Light Photography did such a wonderful job on Britt’s senior pics. She was so easy to work with and she knows the way to a girls heart is through unlimited wardrobe changes and bubbles. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend her  if you are in the Kansas City area.

Seriously….the proof is in the proofs people.
hee hee






What do you think? Which one is your favorite?
We had such a hard time choosing. I wanted to buy all 65 proofs she showed us.

You can check out more of Emily’s work over on her blog Life in the Light {love that name} Stop by and tell her “Hi”.  Tell her how awesome she is! She would love it, I’m sure.



  1. Senior? You're not allowed to have a senior!

    The photos are great. I like the one in the fied with the chair (for an enlarged print0 and the one in the coral colored top to pass out as a senior pic. Good luck with choosing.

  2. Brittney, You're gorgeous inside and out! I loved meeting you! Thanks for looking great for my camera! Alisa, thanks for all your sweet words :). I can't wait to see what creation you blog about next!

  3. All lovely shots! But if we were voting, I'd say #1 or #5 are my favorites. Beautiful daughter there!

  4. Brittney is beautiful, Alisa! The pics are wonderful. My personal favorite is #1, then #4.

    Hope you're having a great weekend! Miss and love you all!


  5. Brittney is gorgeous! Can't believe she's a senior!

  6. It's so hard to choose! They're all beautiful. Not surprising considering the model. :o) It's nice to see you blogging again!

  7. I miss your posts!!! Get back to blogging!

  8. Beautiful photos! But you have to admit the photographer had a gorgeous model. :-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and entering to win the MidWest Parent Educators conference passes (in Kansas City). It looks like it's going to be a fantastic convention!

  9. Very nice, thanks for sharing.
    Steph @ sewa mobil jakarta

  10. she is gorgeous!!!! oh!!! she is gorgeous!!!

  11. Nice eyes, nice lips, nice hair,... ^_^

    Alisa thing


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