Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Homemade Baby Shower Decorations

I mentioned that I would show you all the decorations I made for my sister's baby shower we had this past weekend and so here they are. Nothing is difficult to make, just take a bit of time. If I can do it, so can you. 

Let me start off by saying that I thought taking pictures would be great with all the windows at my sister in law's house and the sun was shining.....uh, no! It was horrible because of all the snow so it all reflected into the house...not a beginning photographer's best lighting friend. 

I also have this new camera that makes me feel pretty stupid all the time sometimes. I'm still learning all the things it can do and I'm so not there yet. Please be patient with me and ignore the bad pictures...um, k? 

First off lets take a look at my sweet little sister, isn't she cute all pregnant and glowing?


Now let's look past her....to THAT WALL!! don't you just love that wall? I think it's just wonderful....my brother did that ladies....my brother. Let's don't tell him how fabulous it is...it might go to his head {and we cant have that, it's already big enough}.He used tissue paper {oh, the wonders of the tissue paper} and glaze. I can probably get more specific directions if anyone is interested.

On with the shower....


I made these pom pom balls that I see everywhere and I think are so much fun. You can find some great directions from Martha here. No need to reinvent the wheel so I'll just let her show you how. 


One thing I will say is that you do need tissue paper that is longer than it is wide in order for it to flugg out into an entire ball. You will also need it to be 20" x 30" to make the super big ones. I couldn't fine any that size so I used ones that were 20" x 20" and cut about 4-5" off to make them skinnier and then accordion fold them starting at the short end. This made mine kinda medium sized. 

The baby's room is pink and brown so my sister is going to hang a few from the ceiling in her room instead of a mobile. 


The Second thing I made was this simple diaper cake. Nothing too fussy. It took about 80 diapers. I just layered some ribbon and wrapped it around each layer and then I made some small {half} poms to embellish the cake. Pretty similar to this one I made last year. 


I also found these darling little satin ballerina slippers and had to stick them on top. Aren't they just the sweetest? 


I also made this little name banner using pre-cut chocolate brown scalloped circles I found at Archivers. I was going to cut them out by hand, but ran out of time so this worked out well. I then cut some circles from a pink pattered paper and adhered them on top with some glue dots. 

For her name {Madelyn Kay} I used some white chipboard stickers that I already had. They are kinda thick and have a glossy finish so they look nice. I punched 2 holes in the middle top of each scallop circle and strung a thin pink gross grain ribbon through to hang it. Very simple, but cute. Hopefully, if the pink isn't too off she will be able to use that in her room as well.

The last thing I did was make some applique onesies and bibs to fit the color scheme and hung them laundry line style on the mantle. 


My sister loves cupcakes so not only did we eat these scrumptious little beauties


 I made one for Madelyn to wear.


I also made a sweet little birdie...I really love the birdie.  


And a cute little flower one and one with a heart and an M for Madelyn.



I promise it didn't look like a pink and brown pinata threw up everywhere in real life. just in my pics :)

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  1. Alisa, you are amazingly talented!! You did an awesome job!!

    BTW, I would love to know how your brother did the wall.

  2. Wow! It's great. I need to decorate a baby shower soon, so I hope you don't mind if I copy you completely!!!

  3. Looks beautiful. I especially LOVE the birdie onesie and the poms!

  4. I want to be you when I grow up :) You should seriously consider adding party planner/decorator to your shop. Surely you could package a complete shower decor and sell it!

  5. Oh Alissa,
    How lovely everythihg was, just beautiful and so full of love!!
    You did such a great job, what a nice shower, I am sure your sister was thrilled! You are a very talented lady my friend.
    And you did such a nice job on the lil onesies too! They were all adorable, sooo special. I still have a lil pink dress with hand smocking on it that a sweet lady from my church made for my baby shower when I had my daughter 25 yrs ago, and she is in her 90's now and she is so thrilled when I tell her I still have it! I can't wait to see hopefully one day, my
    grandaughter in it! So they will be a nice thing to keep cause her auntie made them.
    So enjoyed your post.
    Have a great day Sweetie,
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. I love everything you did. And I bet that your sister did too.

  7. Wow! Cute cute! Everything is SO adorable! I adore those tissue paper pom poms! You are very talented.

  8. I am featuring this whole post! You went all out! It looks fantastic! I will let you know when this will be featured!

  9. adorable! I love the pom poms and am jealous of your cute onesies!

  10. I am featuring this on my site next Monday! Come see yourself in the spotlight!

  11. you are gifted and amazing with your loving shower decor!

  12. What a beautiful shower! I am working on a shower for a "Madelyn" too...I hope it turns out as cute as yours!

  13. Loved it all but,I espicially like the wall!
    Can I find out how it was done?

  14. I love everything you did.

  15. OMG! So cute can you give better details on how he did the wall? I absolutely LOVE it! Everything looks amazing great job!

  16. You done a great job..The decoration that you done is outstanding.I like that diaper cake and those little booties are outstanding on top of that diaper cake.
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  18. So pretty and cute!
    I love your homemade baby shower decorations. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    Can't get enough of it... soo cuuuuteeeee~

    Cheers xxx

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  20. Adorable Homemade Baby Shower Decorations! My sister is also expecting and I was thinking of a DIY party at her favorite outdoor event venue Chicago. Want to have hello kitty theme for the event. Hope to arrange everything perfectly!


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