Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby steps

We've been struggling with our almost 3 1/2 year old and potty training for about a year now. I'm not sure "the strong willed child" even begins to describe him. He is so absolutely certain about everything he wants or doesn't want to do and he will make his plans everyone! He has been absolutely certain that he will not be going potty on the potty chair or the toilet. So, I know they say "they'll do it when they are ready" huh? Well I say he is ready! Did I mention we had to back out of his preschool enrollment this year because he wasn't trained yet? They will take them if they are at least trying, but he wouldn't even consider the idea. Did I also mention I have not only trained my children, but several others during my 8 years of in home child care? I know how to potty train a child, but nothing works with frustrating! Well I had a thought yesterday morning when I realized there were only 3 diapers left... just don't buy anymore. So I didn't! We took off the last diaper last night (he wore a pull-up to bed) and I told him we didn't have anymore and in the morning he would have to wear big boy underwear and potty in the potty chair because I wasn't getting any more diapers. We've tried the wearing of underwear just to see if it would help, but it never did....he always knew there was a basket of diapers and he would beg to wear them. He woke up soaked through his pull-up this morning...I suspected he might...oh well! We got right on the underwear and I told him he had to tell me if he needed to go....he has NEVER told me he needed to go before, but he finally did. He actually started to go and stopped himself and came and told me..........THIS IS HUGE!! What a proud moment!! Of course 30 minutes later I was cleaning up some #2, but steps, baby steps! We went to store and he stayed dry and has gone 3 times today.....yeah! Maybe he will be trained by Kindergarten.

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