Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cleaning help!!

One of my main goals for this year is to clear away the clutter and really deep clean my home. I also want to repaint nearly every room (not the kids rooms) in my home since they haven't been done in several years. It will be a major undertaking since almost every corner in our home needs to have the mud/tape redone due to our foundation shifting. We also want to remove the popcorn ceilings....big job, but I think we can do it. Cleaning comes first though and I have a hard time staying focused. I seem to do a lot of wandering around and not getting much accomplished. Does anyone else feel like they have done stuff all day, but have nothing to show for it? Please, tell me I'm not alone! Well, I ran across this helpful cleaning and decluttering guide called Simple mom's spring cleaning for normal people. The Nester has a great post about enjoying your home. She talks about clearing away the clutter, using what you have, utilizing all of your space, using the things you have and being content in what you do have. All things I am striving for this year. This guide totally works for me, maybe it will help you too.


  1. You are So not alone. I'll work all day feverishly and look around and think, WOW you can't even really tell. What in the world did I do all day? My painting goal this spring is the hallways. They are brutal and need a fresh mud skimming before paint to fill in all the digs.

  2. Alisa - outstanding blog layout...very pleasant on the eyes!



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