Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random ramblings

  • Josiah has claimed the toilet as his receptacle of choice in his potty adventures and he is doing remarkably well. Previously, he wanted nothing to do with the toilet, but once I told him he could stand up, shoot it in and flush he was all over it. Such a boy, I'm pretty sure God designed them with a desire to shoot things.
  • We are working on finding a balance of activities for Corban. He has his heart set on (is obsessed with) playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii every waking minute of the day. This doesn't work for more than one reason: 1. He needs to sleep, eat and go to school 2. We would like him to maintain some sort of normal brain function 3. It makes him crabby when he is asked to get off the game 4. It makes his brother very annoying since he asks a new question about what is going on every 10 seconds. What do you all do to curb the "attitude" and limit game time? I'd love to hear some ideas that work.
  • I feel like I can't get a hold of my house and all that needs to be done. It's been almost 10 years that we have been here and it is in desperate need of some tlc, both inside and out. We started on the outside this fall and have plans to paint this spring, but there are a ton of boards that need to be replaced first (lots of honey-do work). When we first moved in our home (literally, the week after we moved in) the foundation shifted and caused major damage to all the wall seems in our home. Each corner in our main living area has torn seems and while we did pay about $10,000 to have our home put on steel piers it continues to shift just a tad each year, so what are we to do?? Do you just go ahead and redo all the seems and repaint everything praying there won't be much more movement (yes, in my opinion) or do nothing (Eric's opinion, at least until recently)? We've finally decided to fix it all in hope it won't get much worse (nothing like waiting a few years to jump on that project). It will be a major project since we (I) want to remove all the popcorn ceilings on our big vaulted ceilings since the tape is torn into the ceiling seems as well. It needs to be done and I really can't wait, but we have to find some free time to do it.
  • The last few days I've been working on baby shower invitations for my friend Shannon's shower. I love making stuff like this and thinking about all the decorations, cake etc. Here is the invitation and I think it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. She currently has 4 boys and is due to have her first little girl in March. I gave her an invitation last night for her to keep and she cried. I'd like to think she was just overly moved by my creative use of paper and ribbon, but I think it was just the hormones leaking out.
  • Back to the whole potty training adventures (which really should have ended about a year ago in my opinion). Yesterday when Josiah woke up from his nap he had gone #2 in his training pants (you know the nice thick ones) so I cleaned him up and proceeded to rinse the pants out in the toilet and left them hanging on the inside of the toilet bowl to kinda soak a little. I made sure they were tacked under the seat so they weren't just "free floating" around in there. I went downstairs to do a couple things (get on the computer :)) and apparently Josiah needed to go to the bathroom and he did. A little while later I came up to take care of the dirty pants and they were no where to be found. **insert look of panic on my face here** There was no mess and the toilet was empty. I asked Britt to see if she knew what happened to them and she said she did hear Josiah flush the toilet about 3 times **oh, no!** I asked Josiah what happened to the pants and he said he "fwushed them" and indeed he had. It is a remarkable thing that the toilet didn't totally overflow, but it didn't fill all the way back up either. They were definitely in there and they still are. Eric tried to snake them out to no avail and I just keep watching the toilet each time it's flushed to make sure it doesn't come bubbling over...thank you Lord for taking care of even the lowliest things such as our toilet.
  • For whatever reason Josiah has loved the "I can only imagine" song since he was about 2 years old and can recognize it on the radio within about 3 notes. Normally he just listens happily, but last night on the way to church when it came on the radio he just started singing it loud and proud. He really belted it out and just really touched my heart. Eric and I just kept looking at each other and I tried not to cry. It's the only song that he has ever requested to be played (outside of Boz's treehouse tunes) and what a great song for him to love.

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  1. The tears had a lot more to do with the sweetness and dedication of a dear friend. It is quite humbling to think that you would go to so much trouble for me. I love you and appreciate it so much. All of it, the invitations, the shower, your excitement over our new addition. All of it is sincere and makes me well up at the idea of it. Thank you.


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