Friday, May 8, 2009

The new December

May Should be easy enough to get through, it's only May. No major holidays outside of Mother's Day (which is highly important). The end of the school year....yeah! Summer begins....yeah! Reality check.....May is CRAZY!!! Here's my short sweet little list of things going on this month
  • Baseball (practices and games)
  • Probably cooking at church every Wednesday night this month (for about 80 people)
  • End of the school year parties
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Spring show for cheerleading
  • Field trips
  • Organizing the church cookout
  • Trying to organize a garage sale
  • Working on painting (inside and outside)
  • Building a raised garden bed (and planting it)
  • Academic awards night
  • Mops
  • Working at the soup kitchen
  • Oh....and of course, Mother's Day
That's only a partial list people and I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it all. Life isn't supposed to be this crazy, right?? While there isn't anything on my list that I hate to do, it's just tooooo much at one time. I was looking at the calender the other night and warned my hubby that we don't have a free evening until somewhere around the 24th, but don't worry I'm sure we'll manage to get something scheduled for that night as well. His reply, a very sarcastic "great". He loves coming home from work, shoving dinner down and rushing back out the door. Whatever did I do with the month of May before I had children?? June...take me away!!!

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