Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'd like to take that back now

  • you know, the things I said about summer and all the fun we would have since the kids are out of school and we had lots of things planned to do and it would just be a BLAST!! Well, it's pretty much too HOT to do any of them!! What happened??? It was 75° one day and then it was 100° the next....what gives? I'd like a little heat, but not soooo much that I could fry an egg on my dashboard. It's just not conducive to getting the things done that I wanted to do. I'd like to go berry picking some time soon, but I'd also like NOT to melt. Did I whine long enough??? ok...I'm done
  • While my big kids have been gone this week I've been pretty productive. I've cleaned out our 2 main hall closets (like we have more??...of course they are the main ones, they are the only ones outside of bedroom closets). I cleaned out the main bathroom and a couple of the random kinda "shove it in there, no one will look" cabinets in the kitchen. It feels nice to open the doors and not have stuff fall out. Need anything?? Maybe a cookie cutter or a new tube of toothpaste? I can tell you exactly where to find it now. Before, I could only tell you what door to look behind...... so nice.
  • I have been missing my Corban and Britt this week, but the noise level has been pretty sweet. Hear that??..................................................................nothing?? Isn't it nice? Every once in a while Josiah pipes up, but mostly for a sweet little song or a silly something. The lack of bickering has been quite refreshing.
  • Josiah and I are heading out to go pick the kids up from camp. I'm looking forward to hearing about Corban's first full week of camp. Hope he did ok. I'm sure he missed me terribly :)
  • I am going to stop at Nell Hills on my way up to get them. Can't wait, I haven't been there in a year. I hope it's not all too formal like it was last year. I'll let you know if I find anything fabulous.

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