Friday, February 19, 2010


We are home...yeah! 

Josiah was released from the hospital yesterday after having a good nights sleep with no oxygen needed. His oxygen level dropped a few times, but came back up without any assistance so that was wonderful and gave me peace of mind.

I spent too much time sitting on my fanny watching Dora and every other preschool character you can name. I will be happy if I don't see another one of these

for a very long time. My brain tires at the mere thought of watching the numbers fall and bounce around for 4 days. And the beeping....oh the beeping!

They did have a Wii at the hospital so that made Josiah VERY happy. Brother came up after school and played cars and legos with him too. 

He was pretty much King of the realm for 4 days. He even had his own "girls" {the nurses} as he called them. It was a rude awakening when we got home and the world ceased to revolve around him.

Grandma thought it might be the steroids, I think he's just acting like a spoiled baby. Such a grandma thing to say, don't ya think?

My house was a wreck when we went to the hospital so it was even worse when we got home. My hubby did a good job of trying to tame the mess, but it just happens anyway.

I have a very large mountain of dirty laundry to get under control....once again, large before hand, now even bigger. 

I better get busy.......

Thanks so very much for all your prayers and comments!


  1. You are in my prayers my dear, I wish I could come fold laudry for you. Last year we spent more time than I want to think about in the hospital. I know it was not the same but my heart still aches for you and your family.

    God Bless,
    Cha Cha

  2. I'm so glad you're home. I love that little guy and know there's no way he could act spoiled and the world does revolve around him :) He didn't know what finally going "hommmmee" would bring. Get some rest in the midst of all that house work, I'm sure you didn't get the best sleep up at the hospital!

  3. So glad you are home! The 'mess' can wait another day. So funny the things we think about when finally the stress of a moment is gone.

  4. Morning Alisa,
    So happy to hear Josiah is home from the hospital and doing fine.
    Those hospital stays can be a lot of fun!! lol
    Yea, when you have someone in the hospital it can really put you behind cause you just have no time to accomplish anything really.
    Will pray the Lord gives you lots
    of organizational skills this week
    and energy, yes, let's not forget
    the engery!! lol
    And pray you don't have to see Dora one more time!! lol
    Have a good energetic and profitable day my friend,
    Blessings Nellie
    P.S. have you gotten to see your new lil neice yet?? Hope so!

  5. Girl, my heart goes out to ya. Hospitals are scary places. Blessings, DeniseMarie

  6. I am very glad he is feeling beter.. I will keep you in my prayers as you dig out of the aftermath...


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