Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet baby girl

I'm still trying to unearth my house from last week, but I thought I would stop in and share a little picture of my new niece with you...Miss Madelyn.


Isn't she just terribly sweet??? I could be a little partial, but I think she is the cutest!

Don't you just love that frilly little dress she wore home from the hospital?

It has history and it's OLD! It is just as old as I am.

My daddy bought that dress for ME to come home from the hospital in 39 years ago. Still looks pretty good, eh? My sister wore it home a mere 12½ years later. Brittney wore it home from the hospital too and now Madelyn wore it home.

I just love that!

Do you have anything special that you've passed down through your family?


  1. That is so sweet that the dress has been passed between all of you. What a neat tradition! She is a cutie pie for sure!!

  2. She is precious! I can practically smell her babiness through the computer!

    I have a baby quilt my great-grandma made out of my grandma's baby clothes that I cherish.


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