Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend wrap up

This post is brought to you from my couch on my shiny new laptop......on my couch {did I mention that?}

My old computer bit the dust the other day...finally. I've always been a bit envious of my husband and his little laptop. He could just sit on the couch {or wherever he wanted} and surf away. Not me...I was banished to the basement to my big desktop machine. Not to say that he wouldn't share his laptop, he would, but I didn't want to take it from him so I would go to the my self.

That is history now...yeah!!

We had a wonderful weekend. The kids were off school Friday so hubby took off early and we went to a new local buffet to check it was ok, but I'm pretty sure we won't be going back. Then we set off to find a new computer. The kids hung in there pretty good as we hit 4 stores to check out prices. We came home and had some hot dogs for a quick dinner and I made a cake while the boys set up there blankets to watch a movie. We all gathered together and enjoyed "The secret of the mountain" movie that was on nbc. It was actually ok...slightly cheesy, but hey it was fun, clean and entertaining. 

Saturday I bought some more wood to make another raised garden bed. We had lots of fun with the one we built last year so we figured why not do more.

I also bought a new kitchen faucet. It looks great....but it is horrible! It makes a thumping noise every time I turn on the water. Oh yeah, and the sprayer will just start dripping for no reason and the hot water handle was loose after cleaning up ONE meal. Real nice.....I'll be returning it thank you very much.

Today I spent the day excavating the boys room...seriously. Too much stuff in too small a space to I went in with trash bags in hand and cleared out two full {big} bags of stuff to donate and one bag to throw away. I also reorganized everything. I just need to make some labels so there is no confusion on where everything belongs. This felt very good!

A special guest arrived this evening. Little Miss Madelyn came to spend the night and all day tomorrow while her mommy and daddy go to a funeral. Josiah is SO excited for her to be here. He just gushes all over her and tells her how much he loves is just very sweet to watch. 

I hope you all had an equally wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading my ramblings. I still can't believe that there are people who read what I write and come back for more instead of running away screaming. all make me feel good. 


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  1. Hooray for your new laptop! I'm sure you'll be enjoying it for a long time :-)


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