Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Sweet Tuesday

We had a splendid day yesterday just lovin' on my little niece while she was here. Josiah was completely delighted by Madelyn's presence and was nothing short of heartbroken when she had to leave last night.

My boys hadn't had the chance to hold her yet {it's hard when there are so many ladies around wanting to get theirs hands on her} so this was their chance to do so with zero competition. 

it went from this happy little scene to this

in about 30 seconds flat. Josiah seems unfazed though.

Corban was completely taken with her and I had to make him put her down so he could go to bed. I think he would have sat there all night if given the chance. 

Josiah, anticipating just how much he would miss her when she left, made this sweet little note for her to take home.

Madelyn went with us to Josiah's soccer game and I'm sure she was totally impressed by Josiah's first goal {and his second}. His excitement for the game just makes me smile. 

We even had enough time during the day to make Madelyn a new little posy headband and I thinks it's pretty clear that she loves it {right up to the point where she pulled it over her eyes}


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