Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oh, goodness

It has been a whirlwind of crazy around here lately!
I think it is starting to slow down a bit.  I think….

Does anyone else feel like they are always in go mode with absolutely no time to slow down and enjoy things? I feel like I am always thinking “next week will be more peaceful” and somehow that next week never gets here .  Maybe I am doing something wrong. Please tell me if you know a secret I don’t. I would hug you right through this computer screen if I could! seriously.

I don’t really have much to say because my brain is maxed out, but I thought I would share some pics of what we have been up to.

So ready yourself for random and disjointedness ahead~

IMG_3307We had an Easter egg hunt at church for the first time this year and the kids loved it. It was short and sweet {literally} and the weather was beautiful!

IMG_3315All my handsome guys trying to smile whilst I made them stare directly into the sun :) 

IMG_3325Capturing all three together and smiling is so rare these days. I love this. 


IMG_3362More egg hunting at my parent’s house. 

IMG_3379My niece, Maddy, had her first egg hunt, but I think she really liked the mulch better than the eggs. 

IMG_3436We had a lovely day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

IMG_3521Next came prom!!!

IMG_3564Pretty girls!

My grandmother passed away on Good Friday {she was 95} so we have been busy attending memorial services this week. I say plural serviceS because the funeral home totally messed up everything and failed to mention until the morning of the burial that the death certificate was never signed. Who does that?

We also switched over our phone, internet, TV service to another company to save a bundle of cash each month. So far, it’s been a miserable mess. Our internet service has been spotty at best. uugh!

Ooh, I would like to thank whoever the lovely soul is who sent over 3000 visitors to my etsy shop yesterday. I haven’t figured out who you are, but thank you! I think you are particularly awesome!

All in all, I know I am blessed beyond measure. I feel grateful to have a wonderful family, a risen Savior and a home with spotty internet/phone/ TV coverage. Things will never be perfect this side of glory.

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."
C.S. Lewis



  1. Darling photos!! And what a fun thing, the Easter egg hunt. So glad you had a great day for it, for it's just delightful to watch kids wander about the yard hunting for eggs! :-)...and then at the end we teach them to be little socialists by dividing the eggs evenly among the hunters. What's with that! LOL

  2. That second paragraph perfectly describes my life too! I keep thinking things are going to slow down and they never do:) I love the smiley picture of your kiddos and your daughter looks beautiful all dressed up for prom! Yay for 3000 visitors:)

  3. Love the pictures, especially of your kids all together, those are the priceless ones.
    I was just thinking it was nice that Spring has come but then that adds to the stuff that needs to happen, all the yardwork. Life just doesn't slow down enough for me either.

  4. You've been busy! I just wanted to pop by and tell you thank you for your "How to make cupcakes from a box taste homemade" post from a long time ago. I use that ALL THE TIME and always give credit to you. Happy Mother's Day!!! Jules

  5. Your pictures are lovely. I just found your blog and shop and love it!
    I signed up to get email updates and I am looking forward to them.

  6. Alisa, what's up, I'm missing your menu posts!! I think you're in the same crazy busy season of life I find myself in with a growing family!

  7. You haven't blogged lately.....Just thought you should know! :)


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