A Summer In Snapshots

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. 

What you have caught on film is captured forever...

it remembers little things, 
long after you have forgotten everything.”  
-Aaron Siskind

What is A Summer in Snapshots?

It's a blog linky party for those who need a little extra encouragement to document their lives in photos....focusing on the lazy carefree days of summer. 

How do I play along?
Below you will find an ongoing linky to link your blog up to. Just link up your home page if you plan on being a regular picture snappin' fool. If you only plan on posting once, then just link up the permalink for that post. Either way is fine with me, but the idea is to encourage you {and me} to snap pictures on a daily basis so......do what works best for you. 

Who can play along?
Anyone! You don't even need to have a blog to play along. Just upload your pictures to a
flickr {free} account and give us the link to your photostream so we can see your photos.

What is the idea behind this party? 
The idea is to take a few photos each day during the summer and just make a quick blog post highlighting your days events. It may be exciting and adventurous, it might not and that's ok. These don't have to be wonderfully edited photos, just a way to document your days. I personally want to force myself to take more pics of my kids verses my projects and etsy shop items. I would hate for another summer to slip by with very few photos of my kids.

Button, Button.....here's your button.

Here is a button you can put on your snapshot posts or you could just place it in your sidebar if you are going to participate all summer long. {Just copy the code....leave a comment if you need help}. If you don't use the button, I do ask that you put a link in your post back to The Sweet Life so your readers can join in the fun too. 


Here are the guidelines:

1. Please be the encouragement that you want to receive! A party is no fun without friends so go visit some of the other entries and leave a comment.

2. No inappropriate photos will be accepted and I will delete your link if this is found to be the case.
3. Please post only your own photos. 

Now go get snappin'!!! and then come back here and show us what you've got!