Monday, November 17, 2008

Bargains galore!!

I am not one to shop at a drugstore unless I need a "drug" mostly because I see them as being overpriced and I think that is still a correct assessment, but have I got news for you!!!! I started reading about "CVS'ing" and was quite interested in how it all works. Let me start by saying I am not an expert in the matter since I just started yesterday, but oh my I can certainly see how you could get a bit obsessed with this. Here is basically how it works: You go in and sign up for their extra care savings card (all I had to do was put down my name and phone #) and they will give you your savings card right then. Next scour their monthly add (in the store) and their weekly circular for items that are on sale and ALSO give you Extra Bucks (these are basically a credit you can use for purchases in their store) plus you might have coupons for these items on top of their savings. I won't buy things just to get the credit unless it is something I would normally buy or could substitute for something else I normally use. The first time you go in (like I did yesterday) you might spend a little more than you normally would, but it is going to pay off! Here is what I got yesterday: 5 Rightguard deodorants 2 16 packs Duracell AA batteries 1 2 pack 9V Duracell batteries 2 Crest pro-health whitening toothpaste I paid $48.75....this might seem like a lot for such items (it did to me), but here goes the fun part..... I received a total of $32 in store credit to spend next time. So I will reap the benefits of that first time purchase. The real key is to stick with the items that give you Extra Bucks with the purchase and you will keep building up your credit each time. So next time I go I will use my $32 to buy what I need and more than likely I will only buy items that earn Extra Bucks, I will earn more credit and so on a so forth. I radiated with pride when the cashier said "you just got this card?" and I said "well, yes" and she said "Wow!, good job!" There are a lot of ladies out there taking full advantage of this system and can probably give you far better info than I can like here so happy bargain shopping!!!

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