Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today over at The Homespun Heart Monica is talking about cleaning! I am really trying to stick with this Making your Home a Haven theme this week so here is what I plan on doing today. Clean out my refrigerator (so my husband can actually find leftovers for lunch) Clean our bedroom- needs dusting very badly Possibly clean the living room...although it seems like a losing battle Clean more clothes....made it through 6 loads yesterday and hoping for the same today I'm not sure it will happen since I tend to get more loads done in the evening and I will be gone .......so we'll see. I vow to do laundry daily after I get caught up!! I always say this, but this time I really mean it (I think)! My biggest obstacle is that my computer is right by the door to my laundry room and it calls to me...not really, but you know what I mean. Other things on the agenda: Make a sweet treat for the m&m's meeting tonight Decorate the bulletin board for m&m's Make dinner: country fried steak, mash pot and gravy, corn and rolls (yum!)


  1. Great list!

    I'm totally with you on the laundry pile. If I can just get it all put away, but I always seem to have a stack going on the sofa.

    Dinner sounds wonderful - care to share the recipe?

  2. Hi Rose-
    Well my country fried steak comes from Sam's club. Sorry if that is a disappointment . I do make it from scratch sometimes. There are very few things I buy prepackaged for meals, but these are really good. They come 10 to a box with two packets for gravy and they are about $10 so we split it and make 2 meals. I then just add homemade mashed potatoes and corn and homemade rolls.

  3. Oh the laundry! I struggle the most with that monster of homekeeping... I am weird though. I must wash it the night before and only by person, I don't like to wash a mixture of person's clothes... it is more work.

    JOYfully in Him,

  4. Sounds like you had a productive day! PRaying for your Wednesday! :D

    I have found that I have to fold the clothes as soon as they come out and immediately put them away or they get stuck on the couch. It is like a magnet! LOL!

  5. Great list today!! Hope you had a good day -

  6. I am working on cleaning my house today... but this dang computer keeps getting me sidetracked!!!


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