Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, we are back in the swing of things and glad to be home sweet home. I made sure when we left town for Thanksgiving that our home was clean (mostly) and the laundry was all caught up so I didn't have to think about what awaited me upon our return. It's been less than 24 hours since we got home and the house is pretty much trashed. We (I) got all the bags unpacked and put away and then we drug out the Christmas tree and put it up last night (not decorated, just up). It currently looks like our kitchen was swallowed by storage tubs and little Christmas trees. I love it when it's all decorated, but I hate the in between chaos. We did have a great Thanksgiving at Eric's mom's. In the morning we always attend a big breakfast buffet with Eric's family at the Country Club. It's a charity event and raises money for a good cause, which is great, but normally all the smoke makes you feel like a giant cigar. Not this year, they finally decided to do away with smoking at the Club so it was very pleasant to say the least. The kids love having dessert after breakfast (who doesn't?). After breakfast we hurried off to pick up some meals to deliver to some home bound people. The kids had made some Turkey cards and filled some bags with fruit to accompany the meal. They really love delivering the meals and I think it really helps us all clearly focus on what we have to be thankful for. Later we had our big dinner and then headed off to downtown Sedalia and watched the tree lighting and fireworks. Josiah loved the fireworks over the summer, but wanted nothing to do with these. Sheer terror came across his little face when they started so Eric and I took turns holding him and he was stuck to us like velcro and would not even peek at the fireworks. I kept talking to him and reassuring him while they were going off. I was trying to get him to look by telling him all the colors and whether they were sparkly and stuff, but no such luck. When it was all done he clapped with joy and announced he liked them and "the blue and green ones were his favorite". He's a pretty hard nut to crack! He does the same thing when we go to the Doctor, screams the whole time and as we leave, happily announces how he likes his doctor because he takes care of him. He can be so happy and then so sad 10 seconds later and then so happy once again. A little manic if you ask me, but he is 3 so that accounts for a lot. We had a nice time catching up with Eric's family and spending time at his mom's. We don't seem to get to her house as often as we should, but she visits us several times year. I guess it's a little easier for one person to pack up and go than five. I'm very thankful for my family who live close and for Eric's mom's willingness to come see us as often as she does. It's time well spent and the kids really love having her around. While we were there Corban took on the project of cracking all of the walnuts grandma had picked up here and there. He sat in the garage for hours just hammering away and was quite happy with how much he accomplished. We also saw "Bolt" while we were there and enjoyed it very much. I'm sure it's one we will buy eventually. Josiah was scared at first (it's the whole over stimulation thing of the movie theater...seeing a pattern here), but by the middle he was just belly laughing at Rhino and by far the loudest chuckler in the whole theater. Afterwords he explained to us that "Bolt is his very best friend". sweet! Lastly, the kids always enjoy the "big sleepover" aspect of being at grandma's. She makes them a big ol' "bed" on the floor in her bedroom and they all sleep together. The first night is a little rough, but then they work out their differences and sleep like little babies. Yep, they are silly....but I love their sweet little faces.

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