Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My menu plan

I wanted to share one thing that has made my life soooo much easier in the last couple of years. I started this around the same time we began Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Since I was only allotted only so much money each week for groceries and I have a tendency to procrastinate (did I already mention that?) this really helps keep the 5:00 "oh...let's just go out and get something to eat". It helps tremendously with the food budget and making sure we actually get to eat all week long. Not to mention the stress that is relieved because I already know what we will be having and I really only have to "think" about it once a week. I will admit we don't always stick to the plan, but we do for the most part. I really believe in sitting down to dinner with our entire family when possible (generally 6-7 nights a week around here) & turning off the TV so we can focus on each other without distractions. Having a "plan" makes it much more do-able! Her is our plan this week: 

Monday- we had tacos, black beans and yellow rice 

Tuesday- Chipotle BBQ chicken, mac&cheese, peas 

Wednesday- dinner at church 

Thursday-Terriyaki chicken, brown rice and steamed broccoli 

Friday- Eric's gone so I don't have to cook....yeah! (because I don't have to cook, not because he's gone) we'll probably have frozen pizza's or something 

Saturday- Meatball sandwiches, green fluff and cheesy corn 

Sunday- lunch- chicken stroganoff, salad dinner- hearty hamburger soup, homemade rolls


  1. I have been trying to do the menu thing too. I usually am ok with it, but sometimes what I have planned doesn't sound good or I forgot to thaw out something. By the way, what is "green fluff?"

  2. green fluff is what we call it for lack of a better name.......
    1 pkg pistachio pudding mix
    1 lg can crushed pineapple, undrained
    1 tub cool whip, lite works but not fat free.
    Mix the pudding and pineapple together then fold in the cool whip. Yummy!!!


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