Wednesday, November 19, 2008


  • I've come up with a new plan on the whole "trying to keep the bed of one 3 year old dry" idea. I bought some plastic pants (you know the kind you put over training pants or cloth diapers) and I put them over his diaper last night. It worked! for the most part anyways. His jams were a tiny bit damp, but his bed was dry! Yeah for me! I am of course thinking only of myself and the one less load of laundry I'll have to do each day....Is that wrong? Don't get me wrong, I am glad he is dry for dryness sake.
  • Last night I tried a little something new....I made my own laundry detergent. If this really works it could save us quite a bit of money. I do plan on sharing my recipe a little later, but I'm so excited! It was very easy and it only cost a couple penny's for each load.
  • The laundry chronicles continue.....I'm right back where I was a week ago in terms of laundry....a big ol' pile! My washer is a little less spinny these days and doesn't seem to want to spin when I need it to. Nothing like a bunch of sopping wet clothes! My sweet husband has worked on it several times and rebuilt some parts on the clutch saving us quite a bit of money. After round 4 last night, it looks like it might just work for good. It seems to spin great now and I'm pretty happy. The laundry mat is nice and all, but I could really find better things to do with my time than standing around watching washers and dryers go round and round.
  • Can't wait for our Thanksgiving feast tonight at church....yummy!
  • I've been thinking about some homemade craft ideas for Thanksgiving and here is one and another one I thought were very cute and easy. Oh, and here is another one.
  • I have a few crafts planned for Christmas and I will post pics as I get them finished. If you are looking for cute homemade gift ideas here are a couple really cute ones: This one is cute for little girls or could be altered in color for a boy. These are really cute for someone who can sew. I am definitely making some of these, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to give them away.
  • It is hard to find crafts for boys. Most seem to be geared to the girly girls, but I found this site that has boycrafts and we will be trying the rockets very soon.
  • Here are my kids enjoying the caramel apples we made on Monday night. Lots of ooey, gooey stickyness!
Dainty...isn't she? This is why she makes me giggle!


  1. I love the Cornucoppia and the pendants!! I think we just may have to bring out the creative fingers and do these. I'll have to look into how much it would cost to do the pendants, cause that just may be Christmas gifts this year...for everybody!

    I run the Cornucoppia of blessings by Anita and see if we can do that when we all get together.

    Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. well, I think the biggest cost would be the diamond glaze, but I already have some from scrapbooking. I'm sure you could use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby or Michael's though. Here is a link to print off one for Hobby lobby.

  3. I know what you mean about the laundry pile. Just when I think I've finally conquered it, it comes back bigger and stronger than before!

    Those apples look so good!


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