Tuesday, November 25, 2008

They played "Christ" music!

This morning I am so very thankful for my sweet little 8 year old boy who was so excited when he came home from school yesterday and announced that "they played that song mom, you know the one I've been singing and can't get out of my head". Let me explain. At the beginning of the school day (public school) they play a little music to get the kids attention and then they have morning announcements. It's a fun little thing the kids seem to enjoy and the music is acceptable music, but yesterday it was very exciting. Exciting enough that Corban remembered it throughout the entire day and rushed home to tell me about it after school. "It was Christ music" he announced. As a family, we generally only listen to K-love or our local christian radio station and Corban is pretty musically inclined (definitely gets that from his dad) so he knows all the songs by heart and sings them constantly. I'm not even sure what song it was, but it was obviously one he's been singing lately and likes very much. I am thankful for his sweet heart and his wish that they would play "Christ" music everyday so all his friends could listen to it and love it like he does. For more Gratituesday visit Laura's Blog


  1. Ah, that is very sweet. We are fortunate to have a public school that still sings CHRISTmas songs at their Christmas program. My kindergartener has been practicing Silent Night when she gets home after school.

  2. God bless those public schools that still march to their own drum.
    My kids school will be singing glory to our King too.

    I love it.

  3. What a blessing that the school did that! And that it made your sweet son sing it all day long!


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