Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after

Do you ever look around the day after Christmas and just go "what tornado blew through here"? That is how I feel today! I'm certain my house could be declared a natural disaster, laundry is backed up (again!), there are still too many sweets hanging around and pieces and parts of toys are strewn everywhere. Eric is sure in a few hundred years when archeologist come and dig up the area where our house is, they will most certainly determine there was a Lego factory here. Instead of cleaning we decided to go visit my grandmother today since she wasn't able to get out of the nursing home to come to our Christmas gathering yesterday. I think this is the first Christmas we spent without her there and it really just wasn't the same. She fell and broke her leg in 2 places back in October and is still recovering. She's on Medicaid and they think if she is well enough to leave for a Holiday, then she doesn't need to stay....very disappointing. We also ventured out to the Guitar store for Eric to spend a gift card on something he wanted. It was almost 70 degrees out and felt kinda weird considering it was below zero last weekend. That's pretty much Kansas for might snow tomorrow (really!). I ventured out this afternoon hoping to find some real bargains, but no such luck. I went to Hobby Lobby hoping to get some gift bags, ribbon and wrapping at at least 75% off. Nope....still only 50% off. Really? was 50% off before Christmas. Nobody was buying a thing! I also went to Kohl's and pretty much felt the same way. There stuff is always 40-50% off so I was looking for a little more of a bargain.....nope! However, I did manage to find a very cute watch that I liked, it's a little funky and I've needed one since last spring so I went ahead and bought it with a gift card my mother in law gave me. It was only 25% off but, I Love it! Our Christmas day was pretty quiet. We did our gifts at our home and then head to my parents for brunch, presents, games, snacks, puzzles, dinner etc. I have 3 siblings (plus theirs families) and we are not normally a very quiet bunch, but this year everyone was so out of it and quiet it was kind of strange. None of the kids were loud, we didn't play many games, there were several naps happening, lots of snacking and such, but pretty quiet. Even though it was quiet it was still a lovely day and everyone enjoyed themselves. The highlight for me was Josiah going around to each person to make sure they new it was "baby Jesus' birthday". He also prayed for us at brunch (along with Eric) and it was just too sweet....and long. I am really just rambling here with absolutely no point at all except to say I'm back on the bloggity scene and we had a very blessed Christmas and I pray you and yours did as well. One last December Daily photo.....I really didn't keep up the whole "daily" part, although I really wanted to....there's always next year! My kids on Christmas Eve with their new blankets I made for each of them.

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