Monday, December 8, 2008

December Daily Photo 12/8

Here's the view as I walk down my hallway....exciting huh? I seriously need to clean that mirror....oh, I'm sure it's just the,sure it is! My day has been a little busy. I was asked a couple weeks ago if I would do the decorating for our Mom's & Mentor's Christmas Tea on Tuesday evening and I reluctantly said yes knowing that I also had to make about 25-35 wreath bows for a cheerleading fundraiser by Friday. Well I thought and thought and just wasn't feeling very creative since I didn't have but a few dollars to spend and not much time to do anything. We are going with a snowflake theme and I just don't have much outside of one snowman (seen above) and a bunch of snowflake ornaments. What I do have is a couple of big white pitchers, a couple good sized vases and free branches in my backyard, so I will post some pictures tomorrow when I'm all done. Hopefully it will all come together with very little money and just a little time.

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