Friday, December 5, 2008

A mom on a frugal mission

I've been on a mission lately to clean out my basement, clean up my garage and get rid of some stuff while making a bit of cash to spend on Christmas. Yesterday I cleaned up the garage and had a bunch of stuff that's been sitting around way too long picked up by the city. I've also been making headway on my basement. You can actually see parts of the floor that haven't see daylight in a while. I figure while I'm cleaning I might as well make a little money doing it. I donated quite a lot of stuff to Goodwill today, but not everything. I have a hard time giving away some of our things that are in absolutely perfect condition and watching them be thrown in their big room that is seriously stacked to the ceiling. I choose to hit Craigslist and make some much needed extra dough instead. It's so much easier than ebay and a lot quicker. I've already sold a few toys and am eagerly awaiting more inquiries. I also hit CVS again today. I needed diapers (ugh!) and they had a couple good deals. I had $32 in ECB's from last time so I used some of those and received some more. Here's what I got: Package of diapers $12 2 bottles of pantene shampoo ($2 ECB with purchase and a $1 off coupon) $4 4 bottles of febreeze $10 ($5 ECB) ...stocking up, I seriously love this stuff. So I used $26 of my ECB credits and added $7 for next time. Total I have $13 in ECB credits. I love going in, getting what I need, not spending a dime and making more credits for next time. For more Frugal Friday tips visit Biblical Womanhood

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