Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh, the screaming!

My little guy does not care to have his hairs cut at all.....I mean AT ALL!!! This time the trauma of it all started last week when I mentioned that he needed to get a haircut sometime soon (mental note: I should not mention this next time). Every time I would call him to the bathroom to get his hair combed, he'd freak out that I wanted to cut it. Wed. night he was even a little hesitant to sit next to Natasha (who sometimes does the dreaded deed for me) for fear she would whip out her scissors on him. Bless his little heart he is just overwhelmingly terrified of the whole thing and boy, does he show it. He can't stand to have anyone in his space. This includes, but is not limited to, combing his hair, cutting his nails & cleaning his ears. I'm sure you can just imagine what a visit to the Dr. is like. To top that off, he also can't stand loud noises and the sound of the trimmer next to his ears is just about to much for him to handle. The screaming, not crying....Screaming, is just enough to break your heart. "I want my daddy", "I want out", "I wanna be done", "mommy, please stop" on and on and on the entire time. I promised him cake for breakfast if he would just stand fairly still and he did, so here is the "after" with cake (thank goodness there were leftovers Wed. night). Visit here for more December daily photos, much more artistic than mine.

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