Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Thanks to all for your prayers, I really do appreciate them. I went in to the oral surgeon yesterday with the intention of getting all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, one being terribly infected and one of them not even in yet. I also only have $500 in coverage for the entire year so we decided that it would be best to take out the top 2 and that would alleviate the top one on my right from aggravating the lower right one that has the infection. I would take antibiotics and come back in a couple weeks to have the infected one removed (on a whole new plan year so I would have more coverage..yeah). The Dr. said since I had a ride (my sweet hubs) that he would just give me some Valium and then a local shot to numb me up pretty good. It wasn't too bad, but keep in mind I have never even had a cavity so I've never had anything done except cleanings....I personally liked keeping it this way. The top 2 were out in a matter of about 5 minutes and they didn't and still don't hurt much at all. After they were done, the sweet Dr. decided the 3rd tooth would be on the house and so they numbed me up again.....ouch! It really hurts when they give you shots in an infected area. That last tooth really had no intentions of coming all! They drilled, pulled, drilled , pulled , drilled and so on and so on. I thought I would pass out! They finally got it out in lots of little pieces after about 20 minutes and in no uncertain terms told me I would be REALLY sore with that one. He wasn't kidding! I would rather have given birth again....really! It is feeling a bit better this evening, not sure if it's the percocet (sp?) or the antibiotics finally kicking in.....I'm hoping it's the antibiotics. The top 2 are just fine and have no pain at all, but this bottom one is really giving me a run on my patience. Thankfully my hubby took the day off work to take care of me and the house and he's done a great job. I've splept most of the day, being all doped up that's pretty much all you can do. Eric took off to church with the 2 big kids to go play in the band for the jr/sr high lock in so it's just me and Josiah tonight. I pray you all have a happy and safe New Years Eve and I'll talk with you again next year :-)

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