Tuesday, December 9, 2008

snowflakes anyone??

We are getting hit pretty hard today with some snow...what happened? Yesterday it was almost 60 degrees. It's just Kansas, near as I can tell. I started out this morning heading up to church (about 30 miles north) to decorate for our tea this evening and about pee'd my pants (possibly too much info...oh well) when a big SUV did a 360 on the highway right in front of me. If I had been going as fast as he was, he would have had a nice silver paint job on the side of his black SUV and Josiah and I to go with it. I was near my parents so I stopped off to muster up the courage to keep driving and much to my delight when I got back on the highway all the snow had nearly melted and it was a much better drive north. It is pretty nasty down south here (big wet snow flakes), but up north they have nice little tiny snow that just blows away and just leaves the street wet. Yeah....Josiah and I made it all the way there, decorated and back home in just 3 1/2 hours (pretty sure I could have done it in and 1 1/2 hours if I hadn't had a 3 year old helper). I sure hope they don't cancel the tea this evening or the whole day was pretty much for not. Not that I want anyone to get hurt or anything ( I really don't!), but really now... just drive slow and you'll be fine. Anyhoo, I got all the decorating done and I think it looks pretty ok for only spending about $13. I cut some spirea trimmings off a bush in my back yard and spray painted them silver and then shot them with some snow spray. Then I artfully arranged (stuck) them in my big white pitchers and a big vase stuffed with snow fluff. I also bought a pack of 20 glittery snowflakes and a pack of 24 icicles, added some silver balls of mine and there you have a centerpiece. I added some votives and a couple other hurricanes and snowflake decorations and there you have it. A finely decorated room to remind you of how cold it is outside....I didn't pick the theme I just carried it out.**UPDATE: the Christmas Tea tonight is canceled and so today and yesterday getting everything ready was a complete waste of time. Nope, I'm not bitter...ok, just a little, but I'll get over it. I really don't want anyone to get hurt driving, but can I please have the last 2 days back? Visit Tackle it Tuesday and Talk about it Tuesday for more inspiration and gabbing. Visit here for more December photos. I need to go get some laundry done...ugh!


  1. Well I guess I would be upset about it especially if you kissed a SUV.

  2. I am so sorry..... I totally think we could have had it, but that's how things go I guess. Thank you so much for taking the time to decorate, it is VERY much appreciated! love ya!

  3. The centerpieces are so cute! I love the branches with the snowflakes hanging off of it. Too bad they had to cancel the tea and not reschedule it, bummer. We had a ladies tea at my church back home around Christmas each year and had an ornament & scripture exchange, was so much fun.

  4. The centerpieces are fabulous!

    Sorry it got cancelled.


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