Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where is Jesus?

My 3 year old has been looking for Jesus ever since we put up the Christmas tree and I told him the tree was part of our celebration of Jesus' birthday. We always talk about Jesus, but looking for him when you are 3 is a little tricky. He would like more of a face to face chat, I think. Ongoing conversation this week: Josiah "Where is he? I can't find him" Mom "He's in heaven with God, but he's always with us." Josiah "is he coming down for his birthday?" On our way to church: Josiah "Where is he, is he coming?" Dad "Well, Jesus is always with us" Josiah "OH! He's BACK! Yeah! he can see the dancing penguins (an ornament) on our tree, dance, dance, dance yeah! At church tonight: Josiah "where is he?" Mom "well, he is here. He is definitely here with us" Josiah "I can't find him?" This is going to take quite a while to get it all figured out.

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