Monday, January 5, 2009

Menu plan- week of 1/5/09

Well, that just seems weird writing '09 for the first time. 

I know it's here even though I've been pretty drugged up since it started, but it really doesn't seem official until you write it down for the first time. So there it is, it's started....yeah! My plan last week didn't really pan out like it was supposed to since ye old dr. decided to yank my teeth from my head and I haven't done much cooking since. 

You might notice several items from last weeks list are making a reappearance, not because we love them so much, but because we didn't actually have them last week. God is so very good and I just know this week is going to be better! 

Here's what I have planned: 

Monday- Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread 

Tuesday- Chicken Stir-fry with brown rice 

Wednesday- Dinner @ church (not sure what I'm taking for dessert yet) 

Thursday- Tyler Florence's Chicken enchiladas w/ black beans 

Friday- Burgers on the Grill (it's supposed to be 55 degrees....aahhh!), baked beans and coleslaw 

Saturday- Stuffed pork chops (I'll share this recipe later this week) w/ roasted green beans and salad 

Sunday- Lunch- Slow cooker chicken stroganoff w/ salad Dinner- leftovers What are you fixing this week?? 

Visit orgjunkie for more menu inspiration

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