Friday, July 24, 2009

A little end of the summer reading

I know....summer is almost over, at least in a back to school sort of way. 

My kids head back to school in a little less than 3 weeks....uugh! 

It went by so fast it hardly got started. Despite the fact that it's almost over, I thought Corban and I could read through a fun book together and brush up on some math skills before he heads back to school. 

Yesterday I stopped by a new little store up the street called SAVERS. Did not know what to expect at all since I had never heard of them before. Apparently it's like a Goodwill, a much nicer cleaner, better organized Goodwill and it benefits Big Brother and Big Sisters.  

I didn't really need anything so I just mostly shopped the books and found some perfect ones for Corban at a mere .69¢ each. 

That's better than most garage sales.

Now which one should we read first? 

I'm thinking there is surely enough time to make it through Treasure Island. 

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  1. I would read Star Wars first, but I'm nerdy that way! :) I should go check that store out!


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