Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet little pin cushion

Remember those ugly little tomato pin cushions that you had to have for sewing in 7th grade? 

I've always had one of those little things to stick my sewing pins into and hadn't thought that much about it....until I realized there is a whole cute little world of pin cushions out there. 

I decided that I really needed one so I went searching for a (free) pattern online and found one on Heather Bailey's site. I started making mine when my dear daughter decided I should make her one too and I should definitely give her the first being the wonderfully sweet mother that I am (and humble), I did.
I made 2 of them, exactly the same. I think they turned out pretty cute...almost makes me want to go sew something.

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  1. Very nice...I love your choice of fabric. Pretty colors.

  2. I love that HB pattern! You did a great job...thanks for sharing!

  3. Just darling!!!! I can't sew a thing...I am so impressed!

    m ^..^

  4. Oh, I love it.... we should do a trade. You sew me a pin cushion, I will sew you a purse.


  5. That is so pretty and functional. What a neat stocking stuffer this Christmas. I'm thinking ahead :)


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