Friday, August 7, 2009

Quite Random

  • My friend Dana called earlier this week to inform me that she wanted to take me out to dinner for a belated birthday celebration. Hey, I'm all for that and it's tonight so I'm excited. Dana was talking with her husband and he asked what we were going to do and of course she jokingly said we were "going clubbing". His response....."Sam's club?" uh, yeah...that's just about our speed.
  • I took the boys to an antique tractor pull last night at the county fair. I'm pretty sure I should win some sort of mommy award for that one. My hubby had a meeting and Britt was off doing girly things with my mom so I decided it would be fun for the boys to go.
    It was dusty, dirty and slow going. I'm a big fan of rodeos, but the tractor pull was fun for only about 45 minutes and then we lost interest. We had the obligatory corn dog, cherry lemonade and funnel cake then we went through the petting zoo and headed home. It was fun for a couple hours and the boys had their first funnel cake, which they devoured, so I think it was worth it.
  • Kristen over at We are THAT family had a great thought provoking post yesterday on Chasing What Matters. Just thought you might want to read it if you like having your thoughts provoked :)


  1. Can you like pretend I am there with you and Dana tonight? Cause I would be if I could! I miss you girls! Have fun!

  2. We talked about you...were your ears burning? Can't wait to see you soon!


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