Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good clean fun for little people

All 3 of my kids have enjoyed this cheap, no frills activity. It's simple, no cost and super easy to set up and clean up. Most of all, the little ones love it and can play with it a very long time. It also helps with small motor development, especially important for those little boys who really would prefer to use their large motor skills.


All you need is a muffin tin {you could also just use little bowls or cups}, a few little medicine droppers or syringes and a towel. Oh, and some water. Just show them how to "pick up" the water with the syringe and move it around...simple enough, yet highly entertaining.


I really prefer to do this on a table with a towel underneath for protection, but you could also just send them outside or have them do it on the floor {warning: there is the possibility they will fall or trip on it and spill the whole thing, but hey....it's only water}. If you are crazy especially brave, you could add some food coloring or some drops of washable water color paints to the water. What a great way to learn about mixing colors.


Easy, clean, cheap and fun all rolled into one activity definitely works for me! 

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