Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stuff I've learned this week

1. I am NEVER as productive as I set out to be on any given day.
2. I really do not like laundry....have I mentioned that before???
3. If you put your knee in a glob of silicone tub caulking with your jeans on it will take approximately 6 washings and several scrapings with a knife to remove it will come out....just keep trying.

4. A 4 year old's mind is a funny thing......a very funny thing! 
Case in point:

As we were driving down the street I waved to our nice neighbor who happens to have several motorcycles in his garage and a jeep like my husband.

Josiah: "what did you do?"

Me: " I waved to our neighbor"

Josiah: "you mean Corban's dad?"

Me: "That's not Corban's dad, that's our neighbor, honey"

Josiah: "Yes it is"

Me: "No, Corban's dad is your dad"

Josiah: "But Corban's dad has a motorcycle in his garage"

{at this point it is dawning on me that perhaps Josiah has never seen his dad's motorcycle because it's broken and behind so much stuff, you wouldn't possibly notice it unless you were actually looking for it. Josiah knows he has heard his brother talk about how his dad has a motorcycle in the garage, but Josiah has never seen it}

Me: "Well, your dad has a motorcycle in our garage and I promise your dad is Corban's dad too"

Josiah: with an increasingly perplexed look on his little face "I don't think so mom, that's Corban's motorcycle {he's thinking of Corban's little electric motorcycle}"

When we got home I took him in the garage to show him the motorcycle and he looked soooo relieved that it all made sense now. It's really a wonder how he came up with all that on his own. The man down the street had motorcycles in his garage and Corban's dad did too so therefore that neighbor must be Corban's dad. interesting!

5. I hate health insurance red tape, but love the fact that our government doesn't have it's hand in it....yet!
6. I am never as productive as I set out to be on any given day....oh, I think I already said that {'s still true!}


  1. I agree with #2! I must say though I really identify with # 1 & 6. :)

    One of these days I am going to buy some of the Uppercase looks so neat. I have already eyed a couple spots in our home. When I'm ready you'll have the order Alisa!


  2. Hi Alisa,
    I was dying laughing as I read what your Josiah was saying. There lil minds are always working trying to figure things out!!
    That was too funny! Maybe he thought you have 2 hubbies! lol
    I don't mind doing the laundry, it is folding and putting it away that I hate, especially socks!!
    When my kids were home I bought each of us a lingerie laundry bag
    and made them put their socks in there and at least it made it easier to tell whos socks were whose! Made it considerably easier.
    Yea, I am never quite as productive either. Is it me or are these days just flying by!!
    Well, have a good night hon,
    Blessings, Nellie


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