Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Is anyone still reading this little ol’ blog???
May was so busy with activity {worse than December if you ask me} and I really just wasn’t feelin’ it so I took a little unplanned bloggy break.

But HEY, I’m BACK!!! {and now you are stuck with me}
So there ya have it! I’m here and you are stuck.  I win!

Thanks to those of you who have left comments and emailed me to make sure I was ok. Y’all are what make this blog thang so much fun and I appreciate your concern. I have the BEST readers!

So……what have I been up to you ask.

IMG_3686Josiah had his school program and did such a great job singing and smiling.
I spent 6 years taking kids to preschool here and I will miss the wonderful teachers.

IMG_3807We are nearing the end of baseball season. Corban’s team is doing really well this year {haven’t really been able to say that before}. He managed to end up on a team where the coaches see their work with the kids as a ministry and said as much at the first practice. Wow. love that! It has made for a very enjoyable season so far. 

IMG_3812Little man gets a .25 tootsie pop every. single. game.
Keeps him still for a little while.

IMG_3796Josiah started t-ball last week. He was so excited~ crazy excited. Like drive you nuts, can you please stop talking about it kind of excited.  

IMG_3831I have also been sewing like a mad woman. Mostly Etsy shop orders, but I did manage to make myself a new little bag last weekend. I love it! The pattern is from I think Sew

IMG_3836It’s the retro bag. I {heart} the pleats on the front and that it’s a crossover bag and that my hands are free when I carry it.  No more hurting shoulders from a heavy purse. 

Speaking of the shop, I put in on vacation yesterday!! As much as I love making things for other people, I decided I needed a little break. Sales have really picked up lately and I am forever grateful to those of you who have shown your confidence in me and bought one of my cases. However, I need a little rest and relaxation for a few weeks so the shop is closed until June 25th. You can still place an order, but it won’t ship until after the 25th. If you placed an order before. June 5th, I will finish your order and have it shipped by tomorrow.

Seagrove BeachSpeaking of relaxation, I can’t wait to be sitting on this beach this summer. dreamy.

How about you? any relaxation in your future?



  1. Your bag looks great! I'm totally checking out the pattern.

    As for relaxation, I've been doing lots of reading, which has been AWESOME. :D

  2. Good for you!! Knowing when to say when is always so daunting for us gals. ( I loved the bag I ordered from you, even though it was a gift, I thought twice about keeping it for myself.)

    Glad you're back to blogging, can't wait to see what the summer has in store for you.

  3. I love that bag! The fabric is awesome! That beach looks amazing too. We just got back from the beach, but that pic makes me want to go again:)


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