Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's been bit

by the sewing bug, that is. My daughter,15, has found a new hobby she loves and is really good at it. Being the first born, she is highly organized and meticulous about most things she does so it comes as no surprise that she would take on a small, but detailed little sewing project last week on her day off from school. She knew she wanted to make something, but she didn't know what so we went searching for a cute (free) pattern online for her to make. I showed her this one and she was hooked. She searched through my fabric and came up with enough to piece it all together. It came out beautifully, don't ya think? She made her's a touch bigger (3"squares) than the original pattern and she put a pocket inside (so it's not really reversible anymore). She's using it to carry her bible which just happens to be the blue color in the bag. Very cute.........I wonder what can she make me???


  1. What a great job she did! I love the fabrics.


  2. i can only wish that my daughter wants to do this!!! what a blessing!


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