Friday, February 27, 2009

A sweet day

This past Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day here in Kansas City (around 68 degrees..considering it's like 20 degrees out now that sounds really good). I had a couple of returns to make and some errands to run so Josiah and I set out to enjoy the day. We did make it out to the Legends (a very nice outdoor mall) to make my returns, but we didn't make it much farther. It was just way too nice not to just hang out. We did our returns and then headed to Panera for some lunch. Josiah wanted to eat lunch by the fountain so we did and surprisingly he actually sat and ate first before he went to play. He is very much into "being" somebody at all times, hence the jet pack he had to wear. I think he was some Star Wars character or maybe Buzz Lightyear...not sure...quite possibly a combination of the two. He enjoyed playing in the fountain with some other children that were there and he was pretty wet by the time we left. Good thing I had an extra shirt in the car...and a giant chocolate chip cookie from Panera that we shared. This is him about 5 minutes before he fell fast asleep. Enjoying a nice "spring is just around the corner" kind of day makes me very happy and is certainly one of the finer things in life. Check out Amy's finer things for more thoughts on this subject.


  1. What a fun day! We enjoyed the warm temps this week, too. Wednesday afternoon was spent at the park.

    Now watch, in March we'll be hit with a blizzard or something. ;-)


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