Friday, March 13, 2009

Buy 'em toys and buy 'em toys

And what do they do?? They just play with the boxes! We are unable to make a visit to Aldi or Costco without bringing home a nice sized box just for play (often times, more than one). The kids would much rather use their imaginations and transform a box into a bed, garage, train, truck or maybe even a house than play with some old toy. The best part, when they stop playing with them you just toss it in the trash (when they aren't looking, of course). No guilt involved! I had an Uppercase Living delivery the other day and Josiah latched onto the box and decided it would be his lounging spot for the day. It was just the right size for him to cozy up in and hang out quite comfortably. He grabbed his little pillow and blankie and just snuggled in and enjoyed his new spot. He was quite upset last night at bedtime when Eric wouldn't allow him to actually sleep in it. It started me thinking about all the boxes that have made their way into our home over the last few years and all the wonderful creations that have been made. Smaller ones usually become car garages or little beds for stuffed animals. The bigger ones generally become trains or cars. Just add a paper plate and a brad and your on your way to driving bliss. Break out the crayons, markers and maybe some assistance with cutting windows and doors and your good to go. Super cheap (or free), creative fun! If you wanted to get real elaborate you could even make this: instructions available here at Family Fun No need to buy expensive toys that will get played with for 2 weeks and then make their way under the bed or to the depths of the toy box never to be seen again when you can just pick up a box for free. This post is linked up to Frugal Fridays at Life as Mom


  1. Oh YES! Boxes are like gold around here. My three kids can entertain themselves for hours with them. The best part...they actually get along with little to no fighting when they are playing together like this. Great idea!

  2. I need to pull out the boxes again, it's been awhile. They are the best toys! Your boys are adorable :)

  3. Yep, I agree boxes are one of my kids favorite toys! Go figure!


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