Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I like!

♥ First off, I really like my hubby and he hasn't really had the best of weeks so I decided to switch the menu up a bit (since, due to possible freezing weather, we won't be grilling tomorrow). I showed my love by fixing him some smoked meat. What guy doesn't like a little smoked meat when they are down and out? ♥ I love this necklace! What mom wouldn't totally love this for mother's day. It's a little dressy with the pearl, but casual enough to be worn everyday. (hint, hint!) You can find it here if you wanted to buy one or look at other cool personalized jewelry. ♥ Britt and I really want to make (eat) these. If I had seen these before the baby shower I did last month I would have totally made some. Who knew? cake pops? Soooo cute and they look easy to make! Get your directions here. ♥ Stephanie over at Homegrown Hospitality makes the most wonderful "doodles" I've seen. I would so love to be able to do that. (Isn't it ironic that I picked the "be content" one to show you when I'm obviously wishing I had this not content of me). I do think I will try my hand at it and use this quote to put in a frame by my front door. ♥ I've always like to make stuff and be creative, but patience has never been my strongest character trait. I also have a bit of an issue with follow-through, unless somebody is counting on me doing something...then I'm good. Lately I've been oooing and aahing over some gorgeous quilts. I would love to try it at least once, but I'm not sure I'd ever get it finished. I love blue,orange and green together so of course I was drawn to this one. I'm so would love to make one of these for Christmas. I've got 9 months, do you think I could get it done in time? As you can probably tell, I like the basic quilts the best. It's really the colors that I like more than anything....and that you could snuggle up with one or maybe have a picnic on many options, what's a girl to do??? ♥ If I thought I'd get it done in time, I'd make one of these cute little Easter baskets. I know spring has started, but I sure wish the weather would cooperate again. I liked it much better at 65° than say 40°. These springy colors are making it much worse! The directions can be found here. What do you like??

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