Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm so very grateful for good friends that take care of you in times of need. In loo of our tree on the van and hubby in a cast situation, I sent out a prayer request at church for Eric's healing, pain relief and to see if anyone had a chainsaw that could help with the tree. I cut on it quite a bit last night and got lots of branches bundled up so the city would take them Friday, but really now, I could only do so much with my little saw and loppers. Well this morning I had a few emails and a some phone calls from our church family to help with the tree. Praise God! Well Matt J. called at just the right time and could help the soonest so he won!!! woo!hoo! for him...oops, I mean me! He said he would be over this evening as long as nobody beat him to it. He has such a servant's heart and is just a great guy. His wife, Sarah, is a good friend of mine and called this afternoon to see if she could bring dinner. My answer was "I'm not broke, he is.... I can still fix dinner", but she insisted and brought dinner anyway. It was super yummy! thanks Sarah! (It wasn't that long ago that Matt was laid up for about 6 weeks with a torn ACL so she knows my future better than I at this point.) Did I mention they live like 45 minutes away from us? Did I mention that not only did Matt cut up the tree and pull out the stump, but he hauled it all away? What great friends and a wonderful church family we have. Like I said before....God is good all the time! Visit Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers for Gratituesday

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  1. I agree that family is wonderful and so is yours and I love our Church!!


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