Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This really hasn't been the best of weeks so far. Our van started making terrible noises on Sunday...something in the engine, unfortunately. I see $$$$$ and my hubby sees $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Not an exaggeration...really. I really prefer to get an idea of the problem and then attack it. He prefers to imagine all the horrible, very bad, terrible things it could be and worry.....and fret and then worry some more (yes honey, I'm talking about you & I love you :-)) We so have different ideas when it comes to this kind of thing. God put us together for reason. We complement each other very nicely, don't ya think? I do think that there has yet to be a time in our marriage that the Lord hasn't provided, not always exactly the way we wanted, but he HAS provided. He always meets our needs. I just pray we will make good choices that are in his will. That being said, the fact still remains I AM TRAPPED AT HOME!!! UUGH! I hate it with every fiber of my being! Maybe it's for my own good. My van is running fine, but the horrible noise makes people stare at me funny and that's just not good. I could go somewhere if it were an EMERGENCY, but really now, is Hobby Lobby an emergency? I think I'm home....again. We have food and toilet paper so were pretty good, but I WANT OUT! shower some pitty on me will you please. I'm currently working on our taxes in hopes to be able to cover the costs. We had a nice fund built up for such things, but it hasn't recovered yet from Christmas and our new washer. I hope it isn't a gazillion dollars, since we were planning on painting this spring inside and out and our house really really needs some tlc. Josiah has decided to regress in his potty training efforts. It's turned serious now, I've had enough of dirty pants and now wet ones too. He is 3 years old....the wonderful things that await him if only he would control himself. He's perfectly capable, he just won't and that is bringing out the not-so-nice-mama in me. Car troubles, taxes and poop! Yep, that pretty much sums up my week so far. How's yours going so far?

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  1. I'm sorry your week isn't going very well! Hang in there! Hey I'm going to be coming into town for a couple of days around the 18th or 19th! Does that help cheer you up?? I would love to see you and catch up! Hey you could fix me some of that Southwest chicken! I'm going to make your med. chicken tomorrow night after searching 3 stores for the couscus! This is a really long comment! Love you!


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