Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What we've been doin'

Well, it's spring break here and we have had the most beautiful days so we've taken full advantage of it. On Monday we started out by heading down to Union Station to check out what was going on. We wandered around a bit to look at stuff and then headed over to Crown Center to sit by the fountains and eat our lunch we brought with us. I was sort of shocked the fountains were already on considering we've had freezing temps lately...weird. I also couldn't believe there were kids running around in the fountains soaking wet. It was nice, but not that nice...I think maybe 60° or so. We also visited the Wizard of Oz exhibit at Crown Center and went to the Dolphins and Whales 3-D IMAX movie at Union Station. It had some absolutely amazing footage of yes, you guessed it.....dolphins and whales. It felt like you just might get slapped in the face with the Humpback whale's fin. Josiah kept reaching his hands out to touch the screen....priceless. We walked around a bit more and marveled at the overpriced items in the gift shop. Corban found a remote control helicopter thingy that he wanted for his birthday and it was $50 dollars (and that was the sale price...originally it was $70). Eric and I found the same one at Target for $30...yeah! Since it was supposed to be 80° on Tuesday we thought the Zoo sounded like a great idea. I hate going and walking around when it's hot in the summer time so this was perfect. We were greeted by this Apparently everyone else had the same idea! Not a great photo, but trust me there were at least a gazillion (this might be a slight exaggeration..or not) people in line to buy tickets. Luckily we had planned to by a season pass and that line was a much shorter 15 people deep as opposed to all the other 100 people deep ticket lines. LOTS of people and LOTS of green. So glad I didn't put the boys in green since it would have made keeping track of them so much harder. We had a great time, but didn't make it all the way through. The KC Zoo requires a lot of walking...too much if you want my opinion, but we bought a season pass so at least we don't have to do the whole thing in one trip. Britt and Corban took lots of animal pictures, but somehow I didn't get many of the kids (ah well, I know what they look like). A crested crane The smallest of my animals a big ol' Gorilla guy. He came right over to sit and "watch" us and pose for some nice. We sat down to eat our lunch about halfway through the Africa area and was quickly joined by this cute giraffe (and then of course a flood of people came and completely blocked our lovely view of him). Today wasn't nearly as exciting...we just went to Costco...woo hoo! We do have church tonight and that's always fun. We love hanging out with our "family". That's what we've been about you??


  1. How fun! I love the zoo! Enjoy your Spring Break!

  2. You are like supermom! I am going to have to tell my kids they can't talk to your kids so they won't find out how fun spring break can actually be!!!

  3. too funny Amy- yesterday we went to Costco and today we are cleaning house. We got the fun all out at the beginning of the week.

  4. Wow, it sounds like you are having a really fun Spring Break! Our SB is next week. I am just hoping for nice weather. I love that giraffe photo!


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