Sunday, April 5, 2009

Menu plan - Week of 4/06/09

We have a fairly calm week ahead. My hubby visits the Dr. Tuesday so hopefully we'll get good news about his ankle....maybe a walking cast?? I'm praying for good news. I'm tired and worn out this evening so I'm just going to get to my menu. Here is how it's looking this week:  

Monday: Spaghetti & meatballs, salad & bread  

Tuesday: Chicken fajitas w/ black beans and grapes  

Wednesday: Church (pizza..I think) I'll be making some peanut butter drops (per my hubby's request), some jello jelly beans and chocolate chip cheesecake bars.  

Thursday: Jamaican jerk chicken with sweet potatoes & fruit 

Friday: I'm stumped...any good suggestions? My brain is tired! **Updated** I forgot I have leftover roast from our french dips last week. Add some toast, gravy, mashed potatoes and some green beans and there you have hot roast beef sandwiches...yum! 

Saturday: Hubby's skillet enchiladas with saffron rice & salad  

Sunday: Easter dinner at my brother's house. I'm bringing a homemade strawberry cake and asparagus (can't wait!!!) 

Check out orgjunkie for more great menu ideas

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