Friday, April 3, 2009

They're back!!!'s finally here.....garage sale season! I've missed you my sweet friends and all your bargains just waiting to be snatched up with mere change. I hadn't even planned it, but I found 3 good garage sales today and spent a total of $3.50. I originally went to take cupcakes to Corban's school and then head to the bank and post office, but there it was a little orange sign luring me down the street. We turned around the corner and sweet mercy there it was...the first sale of the season and it was loaded. Huge I tell ya....Josiah spotted it a block away and screamed "this is awesome!". He loves a good bargain too, or maybe it's just the cardboard boxes full of tiny little toys. Oh the possibilities! We walked away from the first sale with only a plastic tool belt for the boy....50¢. Every boy needs a tool belt! We came across 2 more sales and managed to find a very nice dress shirt for Corban to wear on Easter. $2.50 is normally over my garage sale budget for a shirt, but it looks brand new and it was a $30 shirt for $2.50....not too bad! I also found a couple pairs of baseball pants for Corban for .50¢ (for 2 pairs)....the boy's seemed to have done quite well for themselves today. Head on over to Life as Mom for more frugal Friday ideas


  1. Fun! I love a good garage sale! I'm trying to stay away from them right now, until I clean out our storage!!! Gotta make room!


  2. I love yard sales...great find with that shirt!



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