Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summertime 13

I thought I'd share what I love about summer in a Thursday 13 kinda way. 

1. Going to the farmer's market 
2. Eating what we purchased at the farmer's market 
3. Sleeping in, although it doesn't happen often 
4. Taking fun little day trips around Kansas City with the kids (I'll make a list of what we like to do soon) 
5. Vacation Bible School- yep, I like taking my kids and I like helping (crafts, of course) 
6. Lazy afternoons at the pool (we are very fortunate to have some wonderful pools in our city) 
7. 2 words......LESS LAUNDRY (not that I make my kids wear the same clothes everyday, but there is definitely less of it in the summer...yeah!!) 
8. Less cooking, more grilling 
9. the kids chore's a blessing I tell ya! 
10. Going to baseball games.... Corban's, the Royals or the T-bones 
11. Garage sales...always looking for a bargain! 
12. Going to the summer kids's cheap entertainment and this year they have several movies we haven't seen yet, but wanted to so it should be a good time. 
13. Hanging out with my kids (when they aren't fighting, crying or being crabby....which hopefully, won't be all the time

What are some of your favorite things about summer????


  1. Oh I am totally all about garage sales too! I also love flip flops! Definitely a sweet thing about summer

  2. I'm so looking forward to more trips to the farmers market. :D
    I get to finally see KC in a few weeks when we meet friends up there. :D

    Woohoo for garage sales!

  3. What do I love about summer? Air conditioning!! LOL! No kidding. I am NOT a summer person...but I do love my garden. :)


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