Friday, June 19, 2009

Food, Fountains, Crafts & Cold Air

The kids and I had a great day on Wednesday. We took off on one of our field trips for the day. We went to Winsteads down by the Plaza to enjoy some steakburgers and old fashioned malts (cherry is the best:). We planned on going to Kaleidoscope for some free crafty time, but first we stopped by the fountains out in front of Crown Center to cool down a little. It was after all about 95° outside so we NEEDED to cool down. Smart thinkin' momma here, made sure we brought towels and extra clothes. The boys had a blast playing in the water, but Britt looked like this most of the time Fortunately there was lots of shade because, like I said, it was HOT!!! Corban was really getting into it Josiah was a bit more timid in his approach, but loved it just as much as his brother. After we got clothes changed and dried off we headed over to Kaleidoscope. I should mention we did our quick change act in the parking garage where I'm sure it was 115°, at least. I was drenched by the time all the clothes were changed and what not. I was never so glad to hit an air conditioned hallway as I was that day. Sweet relief! Thank you Hallmark for having such great air! We went in Kaleidoscope and had some crafty fun for about an hour or so. Made lots of fun stuff, including some awesome light saber/sword thingys. Doesn't this look like a fun crafty place to go? The kids always have fun. I remember going here as a child and loving it. The joy is overwhelming, isn't it??? My big kids L-O-V-E it when I make them pose for pictures like this. Lighten up will ya?? After that we headed over to the Orthopedic clinic at Children's Mercy to get Britt's hand breakage re-evaluated. It should heal in a few weeks, nothing horrible. It's the first time she has ever been to the hospital though, so that's a big deal for her. Pray for quick healing and minimal pain. Yesterday we woke up to a broken air conditioner and our house soon reached 86° or so (it seemed hotter than that). Fortunately, the fix it guy showed up in the evening and got it all fixed up and it works beautifully now...yeah!! I love cold air when it's 95° outside, but who doesn't. I told my hubby last night that I definitely would NEVER have made it as a Pioneer Woman. No way...not me!! Ever!

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