Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summertime outings

We are busy with Vacation Bible School this week so I'm tired, but it's been fun and even my 9year old that swore he didn't want to go is having a good time (and wants to go back each day). We are not taking a big vacation this summer (bummer!), but the good news is that there is plenty to keep us busy without completely breaking the bank. The bigger two kids have church camp for a couple weeks and I'm sure they will all go to grandma's for a week or so, but that still leaves plenty of "turn that TV off and find something to do!" time. We will go to the pool and lazy around some, but here are some of the more exciting outings we (I) plan on doing with the kids this summer. * Kaleidoscope at Hallmark.....we will go to the "family" sessions so everyone can join in the FREE crafty fun (I LOVED going here when I was a kid) afterward we will probably have a sack lunch and let the kids play in the fountains and get all soaky wet. * Moon Marble...always fun to peruse their store and watch how they make those cool little marbles. * Wonderscope..... this is definitely more for Josiah, but Corban will probably join in the fun too. * The Kansas City Zoo...not the greatest zoo ever, but it's better now that they added a short cut to Africa so it's not such a long walk. We bought a yearly pass so we will go when it's nice out (not 95°) * Weekly visits to the Library and story time at the park (right in our convenient!) *The Berry Patch...pickin' some blueberries and blackberries....lots of fun! Normally pickin' begins the first or second week of June, but apparently not until later June this year due to "global cooling". *Deanna Rose Farmstead...probably one of the neatest FREE things around. The kids always have a good time *Shatto Milk Company....I would really like to take a tour here with the kids...anyone else want to go?? I'm not really one that thinks you need to "entertain" your kids all the time, but I do feel like we don't get to do many of these kinds of things during the school year because we are soooo busy all the time so summer seems like the perfect time pack it all in. (How did ya like that total run-on sentence??) For more great ideas to keep boredom at bay this summer visit Works for me Wednesday

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  1. I think the milk company would be an awesome day trip. I am sooo glad you posted this because I have been looking for things to do with the kids this summer. :)


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