Sunday, August 9, 2009

Menu plan - Week of 8/10

It's finally here! School starts this week so I've got to get my act together and make out a meal plan. I've been pretty lazy over the summer so we've had a lot of late dinners because of my lack of a plan and more eating out than the norm (not good on the budget). 

The time has come to take back my kitchen and plan, plan, plan! Here's what we've got cookin' this week:

Monday: Homemade Pesto pasta with grilled chicken, salad and bread
Tuesday: Pizza on the grill
Wednesday: Big cookout at church
Thursday: Salmon patties, pasta and buttered peas
Friday: Off to the Missouri State fair so no cooking here...yeah!
Saturday: Probably grab something on the way back home from the fair.
Sunday: Mexican shredded pork bowls (one of our favorites and I promise to do a post on this next week) so yummy...and easy!
Doesn't look so bad since we aren't even at home 3 out of 7 nights. I think I can handle it!

For more great menu ideas check out orgjunkie.

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  1. school starts this week??? Trent doesn't start until the 24th!


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