Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bigger Better Blog Photos

I've been asked several times how I get my pictures to look so big on my blog.  Well I certainly don't profess to know a whole lot about Blogger or photography for that matter, but I can tell you how to make the most of the pictures you have {at least in regards to posting them}.

The first thing is to use Blogger {ya know, if that's where your blog is}, but don't use Blogger. Make sense??

Stop uploading them with the little picture icon there on your editing bar. This gives you tiny pictures that nobody can really see. 

If you are posting a picture it's probably because you want someone to be able to see it, right??? alrighty then...let's see how it's done.

Here's a picture uploaded straight through blogger {at the very largest setting}.


while that sweet baby face is awfully cute, it really doesn't do the photo justice...so cute, but not the best it can be.

Here is the exact same photo posted using a HTML code instead. Much, much nicer in my opinion.  

march06 049 
If you have never played around with HTML code, don't you worry...it's not that scary, promise!

1. First off you will need to get yourself a Flickr or Photobucket {or something similar} account and upload your pictures to there instead of blogger. I only upload the ones I want to post, but do as you wish.   

2. Once you have uploaded your photos. Click on the photo you want to post. Do any editing that you  might want to do {like adjusting the exposure or sharpening your photo.....please sharpen your photos....they will look soooo much better}. Save any changes.   

3. Next you will see a little thingy in the upper right hand corner of the photo page that says "share this". 

    4. click on the Grab HTML and it will open a box of code for you to right click, copy it


    5. You will then paste the code into your post using the Edit HTML tab in blogger. You will need to look at the HTML code and find the spot where you want to place your photo.  Now right click and paste your copied code.


    After the picture is copied onto your post you will need to click on the photo {in compose mode} and center your photo in your post {unless of course you don't want it centered :)}

    It's as easy as that. Promise, once you try it you won't go back to uploading tiny pictures through blogger.  

    Here are some other things you can do in Flickr or Photobook {I mention these sites only because I have used them, I'm sure there are others that work well too}. 
    • Crop your photo. get any distracting elements out of your photo if you can {you know, like the pile of laundry on the couch}
    • Use the auto-fix for color/exposure correction. This can really make a world of difference for an under or over exposed photo. You can also do this manually if you want.
    • Sharpen your photo....please sharpen your photos, they will look so much better online.
    • You can re-size your photo to make it even larger. It really just depends on the size of your blog layout as to what size you can make it. Just keep it proportional to the original photo.  
    I really hope this is helpful to those of you who are interested. I know there are better tutorials out there on how to do this, so please go look around because I'm sure I haven't covered everything on this subject. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions, I might be able to answer them.

    Bigger, better bloggy photos definitely works for me!

    Check out Works for me Wednesday for more great ideas!


    1. Just like menu planning, this went way over my head.

    2. I don't use flickr. I try not to upload photos at all since people like to steal them and call them their own. But this is pretty nifty. :)

    3. Oh my- thanks to you for this little tutorial! I've been wanting to do this, but didn't know how. Doesn't sound too hard. Can't wait to try it!


    4. Sounds pretty simple! Thanks. I usually just upload straight from my SD card, but the extra step would be worth it.

    5. FINALLY a simple tutorial on how to fix those pics!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

    6. That was very useful- thank you so much for the tips!

    7. Instead of Flickr, I use Picasa. I am able to load pictures straight from Picasa into my Microsoft Live Writer that lives on my desktop. I can change the size of the picture once it's in the blog post and then it uploads straight to Blogger.

      Just another idea!

    8. This takes a lot longer, but it is way better than blogger pictures. I use photobucket.

    9. Hi Alisa! Thanks for stopping at my blog today. I appreciate this tip and will have to try it. I also have a photo blog and I make my pictures larger by editing the HTML once the photo is uploaded. I'm going to try your way next time.

    10. Alisa... thanks for the great tip... I am going to totally try it your way. Blogger can be so frustrating.

      I will keep you posted...

      You are a genius

    11. Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. I heart ribbon too, but have grounded myself from buying it for a few months. I'm glad you liked the ideas. If you have any organizing dilemmas leave me a comment or send an e-mail. Have a great day.

    12. You are a goddess!! Thankyou SOOOOO much for this tip. I have been wondering how to get my photos bigger on my blog. You're an answer to a prayer I tell you.

    13. I should email my friend about your post.

    14. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

    15. Awesome, I was wondering how to upload pictures through Flickr. Thanks for sharing!

    16. Thank you for the info on uploading larger pictures.
      Does this program, Live Writer work with a mac ?
      That is my gripe. I wish they would work together on things like this. 'I have iPhoto and, for me, it is impossible to get my pictures out of there.
      I say Let's share these things!
      Anyone know the answer to this ??
      Love to hear from you.
      Thank you for letting me jump in here.


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