Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heavenly I tell ya, just heavenly

To my nice sweet friends who took one bite {and then another, and then another} of those heavenly little apple bars last night at church and said I should definitely post that recipe. 

Well, it's not my recipe at all but I can tell you who I got it from. 

Love the name of her blog and she's a Kansas girl no less. She takes the best pictures and I would so love to go live in her little guest room. The colors, the green polka dots, the linens, the love with it. 

Ok, I'll stop now.  

Thanks for the great recipe Megan, they were simply heavenly and I think I might just make them again this weekend for our church bonfire. That's not too soon is it??


  1. yay!! i am so glad everyone is loving the apple bars! they are crazy good!

    definitely not too soon this weekend!

  2. Please do make them again for the bonfire!!! : ) They were wonderful!


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